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Hubbard Award of Excellence

Butler’s most prestigious award, the Hubbard Award of Excellence, is a $15,000 scholarship awarded to one graduating sophomore every spring. Butler alumnus R.D. Hubbard and his wife Joan Dale Hubbard established the award in 1985.

R.D. Hubbard and Wife

R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard

About R.D. Hubbard
A native of Smith Center, Kansas, Mr. Hubbard was born the youngest of eight children to hardworking parents who owned an icehouse. Turning his attention to education, Mr. Hubbard was an excellent athlete and earned a scholarship to Butler County Community College where he received an associate degree. From there, he was a teacher and a basketball coach until embracing his entrepreneurial spirit in 1959 when he became a glass salesman. Working for Safelite, Mr. Hubbard rose to become general manager and ultimately president, a role in which he owned 20 percent of the company. By 1978, Mr. Hubbard was ready to strike out on his own, leaving Safelite and forming AFG Industries, Inc. In just a decade, he built AFG Industries, Inc. into a Fortune 500 company. Turning his attention to real estate, Mr. Hubbard helped to establish BigHorn Development, an exclusive residential development and private golf club in California in 1990. Six years later, Mr. Hubbard spearheaded the acquisition of adjoining land for a second 18-hole golf course. Mr. Hubbard passed away in April 2020.
Hubbard Award recipients on Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge bears the names of all Hubbard Award recipients and is in the entry of the Hubbard Center.

History of the Award

In 1985, Mr. Hubbard dedicated a scholarship fund to recognize and encourage excellence at Butler. Mr. Hubbard and his wife, Joan Dale, have devoted many resources to the support of Butler students and facilities. The Hubbard Center, Hubbard Champions Training Center, Hubbard Welcome Center, and Hubbard Award of Excellence are but a few of the many gifts they have provided. Through the Hubbard Foundation, nearly $2.5 million has been donated to our college.