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To apply for a Foundation scholarship, go through the online application process. Students who have not applied for admission will need to do so before they can access the scholarship application. Students who have applied and been accepted for admission will use their login and password to access the application. If you do not have a login or password, please contact the Service Desk at 316.733.3306. 

When you are completing the application, you may be prompted to complete one of these steps:

  1. Upload a digital copy of your high school transcript
  2. Have your high school counselor complete a certification form
  3. Request your high school send Butler a copy of your high school transcript

If you received a letter requesting your high school transcript then you will need to complete one of these steps. If you received an award letter for a Presidential, Deans, or Academic Excellence scholarship, you will need to check mark the box that states that you will have your high school counselor complete the certification form. They will NOT need to complete the form, as they already completed the necessary information on your paper application.

If you run into other issues or have questions about the application, contact Averie Nelson at 316.323.6737 or

Foundation scholarships are awarded to students based on how well they match donor-driven criteria.

  • RoseAnne D., Scholarship Recipient
    RoseAnne D., Scholarship Recipient

    "Thank you for my scholarship. It will greatly benefit me in my academic journey. My hope is to get into medical school. Thank you for your generosity."